Not Just Perfect , Ideal

Designs that are Ideal to Your Business 

The Big Picture

Designs that flow seamlessly through manufacture.

All Aspects

Design for Manufacture (Feasibility) , Mold Design, Manufacturing Process and much more.  


The Owner

Sean has 25 Years of experience designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds.   My experience includes automotive, medical, home health care products and Multi shot molds, (mostly pick and place).  

Spring Mold Patent

As part of a team, earned a patent for a mold that produces a plastic spring.

Proprietary and Discreet

Your concepts, ideas and data are safe with us.

Fixture Design and Electrode Extraction

De-mold , CMM, work holding and other fixturing you may require. Electrode extraction and Wire EDM files upon request.


All designs performed in Cimatron V 13 software.

Only What You Require

Do you only require ceratin aspects ie : DFM, initial"splits" , partial layout etc. We will provide just the tasks to get and keep you moving.

Contact Us

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please use section below for correspondence.


If your data is larger than 10MB, Please request a dropbox folder in which to place it


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StraiTek, LLC

 Specializing in high precision low volume CNC machining, rapid tooling and low volume injection molding 

NPI Medical

 NPI/ Medical accelerates New Product Introductions (NPI) while redefining your supply chain through a firm understanding of the product development lifecycle.